Support MinistrIes

Trinity Christian Fellowship is supported by a large number
of volunteers who offer their time and talents.

Contact the church office to be put in touch with the ministry chair: 910.215.5775

Altar Angels

The Altar Angels are responsible for setting up the altar before each of the three services each Sunday, and for special worship events during the church year. Setup includes ensuring proper linens are used for each season of the church year, that all altar articles are present and properly placed, and that the Communion elements and supporting articles are in place for Communion services. Altar Angels ensure that the candles are lit before each service and that the altar and all articles are properly placed and stored following the final service. We are so thankful for their dedication and service! If you would like to join them, please contact Jeanne, she would love to have you on the team!

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The volunteers who are charged with recording the attendance each Sunday ensure that the attendance folders are in place at the end of each aisle at the beginning of each service. Following the last service, the books are collected, the attendance sheets are removed, and the attendance is recorded. Attendance is taken to ensure that visitors are contacted so we can say, “we are glad you joined us”!  It also allows us to answer any questions you may have about TCF!  Members long-absent are contacted in order to provide assistance if needed by our Visitation and Hospitality Committees.


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The Communications Committee seeks to communicate messages, ideas, and faith through various media forms. The committee also works as a resource for other sectors of the church, providing the appropriate media to help augment their vision and goals. Among the group’s duties are the following:

  • Maintain the communications plan, updating as needed
  • Assist the church in coordinating print and internet communications to ensure that all publications and presentations have a consistent look and uphold the church mission
  • PowerPoint presentations, signage, or other special visual media used within the church
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Congregational Life including:

Visitation, MealTrains, Prayer, Grief Share

Volunteers of the Visitation Ministry provide a valuable service to those who are ill at home, in the hospital or other care facility, shut-in, or otherwise in need of personal care and comfort. Visitation volunteers understand that sometimes a smile, a hug, a quiet conversation, or a strong shoulder can offer significant relief to someone who is alone and/or hurting. Volunteers routinely pray with those they visit, offering both human comfort, and that comfort that can only come from our Heavenly Father. Interested? Contact Barbara!

In response to Christ’s call to love one another, the Congregational Care Team seeks to extend Christian caring, concern, and support to members and friends of our congregation through coordination of various ministries: prayer ministry, visitation, meal train, call and cards, grief share and care groups. The Congregational Life Committee contributes to a sense of community by developing and maintaining these ministry teams and assist in the administration of programs and projects that will assist in the integration of these people into the life and ministry of the church. We keep Jesus Christ in the center of all we do and welcome those seeking to be the hands and feet of our Lord. This committee meets the second Monday at 11 am monthly. Congregational Life Mission: Reaching out, Transforming lives by extending God’s love to all by:
SCRIPTURE: Being led by God’s Word
LOVE: Growing in God’s Grace
HUMILITY: Walking with God
SERVANTHOOD: Living as God’s Servants

The Card Ministry Coordinator sends cards to Trinity Christian Fellowship family and friends to let them know that their church family is thinking of them during illness, death of a family member, other loss, or in celebration of a joyous occasion such as a birth. The coordinator identifies people who might benefit from a card by monitoring the prayer request emails and the visitation list. Consulting with the Congregational Life Chair and attends the Congregational Life monthly meetings and reports each month the number and nature of cards sent.

Meal Train is for everyone who could use some help with meals and other needs during
common life events.

The visitation team works together to provide the love of Christ to each member and friend of the church family throughout their time of need. Anyone needing encouragement, comfort, or a sense of belonging would benefit from a visit, there are certain individuals who need to be reminded that they aren’t forgotten.

GriefShare support group is a safe, welcoming place where people understand the difficult
emotions of grief. At GriefShare you will receive valuable guidance and tips leading you to
relief, comfort, and peace of mind.

Church Membership

Fellowship and Hospitality

The Fellowship Committee’s function is to provide the necessary elements to enhance fellowship among the congregation between the worship services on Sunday and at the Wednesday evening fellowship gathering.

“Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms … If anyone serves, he should do it with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory and the power forever and ever. Amen.”  1 Peter 4:9 – 11 

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The Flower Ministry coordinates the flower orders for Sunday services and encourages the purchase of flowers for special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries, remembrances, memorials, praise-worthy events, and other special occasions.

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Our greeters are responsible for ensuring that no one new to our church enters without being recognized and warmly welcomed. If you are a visitor, we encourage you to wear a blue visitors badge so that we can welcome you! Our Greeters are excited to welcome you on Sunday Mornings!

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The library is maintained by volunteers who receive book donations, catalog and place the books, and maintain control of the process of loaning and returning books. The library includes a selection of Bibles, religions non-fiction and fiction books, general subject material, and children’s books. As space becomes limited, the volunteers arrange for additional space, allowing for donated books to keep our selection fresh. Please stop in and utilize this free resource that we offer. There are some amazing books there! 

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The Membership Committee is responsible for supporting our existing membership and for providing guidance and support in our efforts to attract and welcome new members to the Trinity Family! 

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Prayer Shawl

The women who volunteer for the prayer shawl ministry create custom shawl designs for members and friends of Trinity who are in special need of prayer and support, including expectant mothers, those who are ill, or those who have other prayerful concerns. The women of the ministry enjoy wonderful fellowship while knitting the shawls and pray over each shawl before it is given to its intended recipient.

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Volunteers who read scripture at each of the Sunday services are an important part of our Sunday worship experience!  It’s wonderful to participate in worship by reading His love letter to us!

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Ushers are responsible for the flow of people entering and leaving the sanctuary each Sunday, for passing out bulletins, for collecting the offering, for offering assistance with seating when required, and for providing other support as necessary to ensure that each person has a pleasant experience within the building on Sunday mornings!

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The Worship Ministry oversees most aspects of our worship services. Along with our Senior Pastor, they enhance our worship services by coordinating music, lay readers, altar arrangements, greeters, ushers, format, and styles of worship.



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Audio-Visual / Technology / Website

Support for the audio/visual services at Trinity Christian Fellowship includes control over the operation and maintenance of all of the following:

  • All speakers, microphones, amplifiers, monitors, and other audio equipment
  • All projectors, TVs, and associated video equipment
  • The media console: soundboard, media sequencer, laptops, touch control screen, CD and DVD players, and all other associated equipment

All remote control devices associated with audio/visual equipment
The Audio/Visual committee also works together with our Communications Committee in the preparation of various media for services, meetings, and events. The Webmaster for Trinity Christian Fellowship is responsible for all website content and for the design, management, and technical maintenance of the site, including liaison with the webhost. If you have audio/visual skills and would like to join our volunteer team, contact the church office!


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